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Introduction stories for web – online businesses and about the importance of websites

As I was the general director of a tour operator in Turkey headquartered in Germany, nobody believed as I said that we need a website that starts with “www” and that we have to design it. They ask, “What is this?” Even we could not find a professional company. We idled around and we were misdirected. But later on, we have created a highly successful website in contrast to that period and right after a similar one was created for the tour operator in Germany.

After that, in 1999, as I took in partnership with an incoming company that brought tourists from many countries, I told my partners that we need a website and that this should be created in 3 different languages. But they only laughed. Now, let’s make it done… they said. What a coincidence, our website was finished. Our partners had gone to Germany, as they requested for credit, the first thing, which the bank employer had asked, was: “Have you got a website?”

And as they told them the address and told them also about the language option in German, the bank employers congratulated them and started the process.

In 2002, until I have established the IDA Consulting company, I have created websites for surely more than 50 companies, in which I am consisting and interesting in. Furthermore, I have helped and have mediated more than 100 hotels and agencies in creating websites.

As I established the IDA Consulting company in 2002, I can not remember that I had any difficulty in creating websites like in this. It is very difficult to tell or write our works. Especially, because we do not have any related visuals or pictures… The consulting business is still new in Turkey, how should you write, describe it, so that you can create a website.

Nevertheless, after long workings, the website of IDA was published by a team of 3 young and dynamic persons.

In the year 2003, we noticed that this will not work like this… My brother Uğurtan UĞUR, participated in our company and we started to create our first website for the hotel.

At the same time, our friend Özgür Çinkılıç in the Gloria Golf Resort Hotel in Belek, mentioned that he needs a website and also an online reservation system about it. We took this job with its strict proposal and its technical details and published it in a short while. We also took the jobs of the Justiniano Hotels and published them successfully in the same period.

It will continue…

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