About Me


By the year 1986, June, during I had got a college education, in Muğla’s district Marmaris’ county Datça, I started to work with the position “Aboyeur” that is one of the basis positions in the tourism – service sector, at the ÖZIL facility’s A’la Carte Restaurant, where excellent, beachfront villas are found. Because I show success in a short span of time, the management assigned me simultaneuosly, the cashier and cost control task. In a shortest time, I obtained very important information and experiences at the food and beverage department. As far as I concerned, it is now operated as Mocamp.

My Specialities

Tourism Consulting
Hotel and travel agency consulting

Business Management
Preparing the income and expenditure budget, business supervision & control, mystery shopper implementing.

Digital Media Management
Web applications, online sales systems, XML connection systems, social media, SEO


  • English %85
  • German %50
  • Russian %15

Education & Experiences

Managing Director / Founder
2002 – 2019 (devam ediyor)
Contracting & Development Manager
1996 – 2005

Managing Partner
1999 – 2002

Turizm İşletme M.Y.O.
Hacettepe Uni., TURKEY
1985 – 1987

Skills & Qualifications

  • IOS & Windows OS
  • MS Office Programms
  • Social Media
  • Adobe Photoshop