• Web Marketing

    It is one of the most important aspects in the internet world, today, and in my opinion, it will be the uppermost term in a very short time…

    What should be done and should be completed before the web marketing process begins?

    • You need a website and its infrastructure must be very succesful,
    • The standard SEO studies must be done,
    • An online sales system with its infrastructure must be on your website,

    As a result of all succesfully practiced studies that I will mention below, “web marketing” arises and it provides significant benefits.

    • Advanced SEO studies
    • Blog website studies
    • Management of social media channels
    • Google Adwords, Re-Marketing and video advertising studies
    • Advertising of Facebook and Instagram
    • Collective mailing studies

    Now, let us explain these topics;

    Advanced SEO (advanced search engine optimization) studies

    It is the process of intense SEO studies about 5 key words that are chosen for services and products that are desired to be at the forefront on websites with the standard search engine optimization.

    Design of Blog websites

    It is the sharing and interaction page that belong to the NEWS module of a website. The most effective way to be at the top of the search engines, is to constantly have hot news and rich content on blog websites.

    Social Media

    First of all, Facebook and popular social media channels should be used effective about the most important topics of your company according to its sectoral structure. In some sectors, Twitter is ranked second and in some others, Instagram or FourSquare is ranked second. For professional cooperation, Linkedin should not be disregarded and should definitely be prioritised.

    Google Advertisement

    In my opinion, it is the most efficient, the most competent and the most economic advertisement channel. Word based advertising network, video advertising and re-marketing advertising are the three main advertising networks and it provides many important benefites that it is managed by certification companies and teams with certification.

    Facebook and Instagram Advertising

    Advertising that’s aim is to reach the intended sector, gains importance on this channel with its economic and flexible structure. It is an advertising platform that provides you to reach directly the target audience and gives clear differentiations like income groups, age groups, occupational group and educational status.

    Collective Mailing

    E-mail marketing is the most effective and the cheapest activity in online marketing. What are the important aspects?

    • It is very important to send e-mails to permitted e-mail addresses
    • The content and the quality of the e-mail template design is very important,
    • It is necessary to be managed by professional companies and teams,
    • It is necessary to control periodically reports after sending,
    • It should not bore the other side, sendings should be done maximum three or five times monthly according to the sector and product,
    • E-mail addresses that want to get off from the mailing list should be removed automatically
    • Response to the potential customer that replied to the collective mail, very fast and effective,


    50 million people in the world, check their e-mail account every day. Some of them check on the same day, some 3 months later and some after 6 months… The incoming mail is there constantly, they can check whenever they want. Even some of them think, “I will check later, maybe it will be necessary” and open a new category and safe these e-mails there (I do this very often)…