I am engaged in Web Design since 1995.

At all companies, in which I was the director, promotion, advertising, marketing and selling channels were under my job definitions and authority. Because of this, creating, designing, its software and the development process of websites, still goes on to be my interest. In 2002, together with the foundation of the IDA Consulting company, I have started to be professional in this work and I have formed a professional team.

When we come to these days, I see that we have devised websites for more than 200 hotels, more than 50 agencies and more than 100 different companies and associations.

In earlier times, there where 5 important aspects necessary for a good website:

1-) Fast , 2-) Safe, 3-) different and original, 4-) updated, 5-) yielding,

should your website be…

Yes, these are still valid and important. But, during today’s technology and accessibility evolve, and the life styles change, it begins to add more factors to these aspects and the order of importance changed.

Websites that are SEO compatible, impressed by social media channels, have blog websites and internet advertising, remain at the forefront.

GRAPHIC DESIGN is certainly essential for the web and visual integrity. It is a fact that makes the power of design to be used.

The websites are 365 days, our fair stand, our exhibition space and our welcome desk for 24 hours. It is our door, our mirror to the world.